Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cairo visit

With the team chaplain on a visit in Cairo
With the loss of security in South Sudan many of our friends who had started doing language study lost their home and set up a new home in Cairo, Egypt.  Miles from where they had originally set up, and again forced to move their home, theirs is a faith that continues to trust in God for their day to day future.

A recent trip was made with the team chaplain to encourage them to stay the course. When time and tiredness start to erode the call and motivation, we wanted to make sure that they were still grounded in Him.  What we found was a team that is striving to live out their authentic Christian lives wherever they are planted.  It was an encouragement to us as visitors in their homes.  It was fun to see friends in a different context than the one in which I’ve known them.  It’s a testament of their adaptive nature and their commitment to living in the grace that the Lord provides daily.

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